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What is Cloud Computing and what does it mean for the business. Everyone in the technology world and business are talking about it. What unique advantages does a cloud computing architecture offer to companies in today’s economic climate.

Monday, 06 March 2017 08:57

The Three Types Of Cloud Computing

Choosing the best model of cloud computing for an organization should be based on benefits, usability, cost efficiency, unique needs and the size of the business. As cloud computing can be a complex topic to navigate, consider speaking with an experienced cloud computing expert to learn more about these models. 

Cloud services are everywhere, and they want to help you with everything. But as always, the more choice you are afforded, the more important strategy becomes. In an article for CIO magazine, Clint Boulton shares six trends informing IT cloud strategies right now:

How to make the transition to the cloud as seamless as possible. Why you need full visibility into your infrastructure before, during and after migration. How IT, security and operations teams can maximize the ROI from moving to the cloud

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 02:26

The 3 Cs From Data to Digital Transformation

Without question, digital transformation has captured the attention of the world’s business community. But digital transformation is really data transformation because the foundation is so frequently putting new sources of data to use. 

About ICS Cloud

Before there was cloud computing, there was service oriented architecture (SOA).  While cloud encompasses implementation and application delivery options, SOA is concerned with the foundation underneath that makes it all possible. ICS CLOUD makes "Cloud" computing possible.


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