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Monday, 06 March 2017 08:57

Life Before Cloud Computing Servers Today

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What is Cloud Computing and what does it mean for the business. Everyone in the technology world and business are talking about it. What unique advantages does a cloud computing architecture offer to companies in today’s economic climate.

Life Before Cloud Computing Servers Today

System Administrators often used to talk about servers as a whole unit that includes the hardware, the OS, the storage, and the applications. Servers are often referred to by their function i.e. the Exchange server, the SQL server, the File server

If the File server fills up, or the Exchange server becomes overtaxed, then the System Administrator must add in a new server. Unless there are multiple servers, if a service experiences a hardware failure, then the service is down. System Administrators can implement clusters of servers to make them more faults tolerant. However, even clusters have limits on their scalability, and not all applications work in a clustered environment. This raised issues on server maintenance and thus originating the concept of Virtual server.

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Before there was cloud computing, there was service oriented architecture (SOA).  While cloud encompasses implementation and application delivery options, SOA is concerned with the foundation underneath that makes it all possible. ICS CLOUD makes "Cloud" computing possible.


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